Smart App Wi-Fi 6.5ft Multi-Color Color Flow LED Light Strip, Multiple Colors at Once



  • Customizable Multicolor Effects: With the Monster Smart App, you can craft unique and striking multicolor LED effects in any space.
  • Unique LED Flow Lighting: You’ll be able to create dynamic LED flow options which go up and down the strip while it’s on.
  • Great For Device Backlighting: Use our 6.5ft strips to backlight desktop computers, HDTVs or just add an additional source of light whenever you want.
  • Sound-Reactive Options: An Color Flow option spotlights multiple colors flashing at once, and you can sync lights to PC accessories, Games, etc., with the Razer Chroma RGB setting.
  • Hey Alexa! Turn On My Strip:” Our item links to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri to provide you with full voice control over your lights.
  • Easy DIY Installation: Connect our strip with the adhesive backing on the item or use the including mounting brackets to install it in any locale.
  • USB-Powered: The LED strip is powered by USB ports on your devices, just connect it to any port on your computer or TV and you’re all set.

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When it comes to your space, having the right lights can transform it instantly. The Monster 6.5ft Multi-Color LED Flow LED Strip adds the right look to any locale. Perfect for backlighting your desktop or TV or adding an additional light source wherever you want. Download the Monster Smart App to your phone and you’ll be able to customize the multicolor selections to your liking. Dynamic flows can be crafted which move across the length of the strip for unique results. The color flow setting allows you to showcase multiple colors at once. You also have the Razer Chroma RGB setting, syncing colors, and your lighting creations, with compatible items and games for striking displays. Our strip is USB-powered and can be installed using the adhesive backing or the included mounting brackets. Illuminate any space with the Multi-Color LED Flow Light Strip.


Product Specifications

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6.3 × 0.9 × 6.4 in

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