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Introducing Schedules: Take control of your home’s ambiance with precision. Set specific times and days for your lights to effortlessly turn on or off, tailored to your lifestyle. Whether it’s brightening up your mornings or creating a cozy atmosphere for evenings, Schedules ensures your home is always perfectly lit, exactly when you need it.

Setting up Schedules

1. From your app’s home screen, tap on the device you would like to set a schedule for

2. Once you are on the device’s home screen tap on “Schedule” in the bottom right corner

3. Tap “Add to” to make your first Schedule

4. Select the time of day you would like the Schedule to run

5. Select which days of the week you would like the Schedule to run

6. Select whether the Schedule is to turn the device ON or OFF

7. Tap “Save” in the top right corner

8. Your Schedule will now show up on the Schedule screen for that device. You can toggle the Schedule on or off with the green button on the right on the Schedule box

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