Multicolor Monitor LED Light Bar



  • Works With Laptop/Desktop Computers: Our bar easily attaches to your laptop or desktop computer without any complicated setups or ridiculous parts.
  • 2 Buttons Control Everything: One button activates the item, while the other allows you to cycle through the built-in color and lighting modes for your own preference.
  • Reduces Glare From Screen: When in use, the bar helps reduce glare from your computer screen at all times.
  • Fast DIY Installation: With the clip mount, you can easily install our item on your laptop or desktop without issue.
  • USB-Powered: Connect our light bar to your laptop or desktop’s USB port and begin receiving instant power.

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With the Monster Multicolor Monitor LED Light Bar, you’ll able to transform the way you light the area around your computer instantly. Using 2 buttons, you can power the device on and cycle through the installed color and brightness settings that best reflect your space, setup or even your mood. Installation’s a breeze, attach it to your monitor with the easy clip mount that securely holds the item to your device. This is great for reducing glare from your screen while doing day-to-day work or playing the most exciting computer games. For power, just connect the attached cable to the USB port on your computer and you’ll begin receiving it instantly. Transform how you light your desktop or laptop with the Multicolor Monitor LED Light Bar.

Product Specifications

Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.25 × 10.63 in

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