Multi-White 7” LED Ring Light



  • Use It Fixed Or Portable: Our ring light can be used on your desk in a fixed position, or you can transform the handle into a portable selfie stick for on-the-go filming or photography.
  • Great For Streaming/Videos/Photos: Ideal for videos, photos or live streaming, our light can accommodate all of them without issue.
  • Multiple Brightness/Lighting Choices: You’ll have the choice of 3 distinct Multi-White lights and 10 brightness settings that can enhance how your resulting project will look.
  • Wireless Remote: Use the wireless remote to take pictures or record videos without compromises. Our remote is battery-powered and takes a CR1032, which can be replaced.
  • Rechargeable: If each of your lights run low on power, connect the included Micro-USB charging cable and connect the specific ones to a compatible wall adapter for recharging.

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Taking pictures and videos can be a hassle if you lack the right tools. The Monster Multi-White 7” LED Ring Light provides you with a better way to illuminate your next project. A rotating tripod securely holds your smartphone while positioned on your desk or you can use it as a portable selfie stick if on the go. You can also select between 3 distinct white lighting modes and 10 brightness levels to get the ideal look for different photos or videos. Use the wireless remote to take the best photos without compromising the final image. When each light runs low, use the included Micro-USB charging cable and connect it to a compatible wall adapter for repowering each of them. Make your next live stream, video or photo your best with the Multi-White 7” LED Ring Light.

Product Specifications

Weight 13.84 oz
Dimensions 6.93 × 2.35 × 7.06 in

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