Arc Sound Reactive LED Light Lamp Charging Station, Remote Control



  • Customizable Unique Lighting: With the included remote control, you can select from over 300 flowing and color modes to create the most unique lighting for your space. Whether it’s in a bedroom, home office, or next to your desktop computer setup, all of which can benefit.
  • Sound-Reactive Lighting: A built-in microphone picks up the sounds of your favorite songs, movies, TV shows or even video games and reacts for the most striking color effects.
  • 2 Charging Options: Also included with our lamp is a 10W Wireless Charging Station at the base for your smartphone and a rear USB port for tablets and headphones.
  • Holds Your Headphones: When not using your headphones, our lamp also functions as a stand and holds them without issue.
  • Remote Control Operation: Control your Arc with the included remote control 

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Often, the lamp you choose can make or break the space you chose to light. With the Monster 3-In-1 Sound Reactive Multicolor Arc LED Lamp/Headphone/Stand/Charging Station, you’ll have more than just a basic lamp. Perfect for placing near your computer desktop, bedside or home office, you’ll be able to transform the very locale itself. With over 300 unique flowing and color-changing modes, you can use the included remote control to create interesting combinations that best suit your area or mood. Create striking color, multizone and dimmable LED effects, in addition to selecting from a full spectrum of available options to customize the look you want. Our remote works from up to 30ft away and can control multiple arc lights at the same time. You also have a built-in microphone and sound-reactive mode that provides for fun lighting to any music, videos or games you’re playing near the lamp. Our item also includes a 10-Watt Wireless Charging Station at the base for powering your phone and a USB charging port for headphones and tablets. Speaking of headphones, you can place them around the lamp itself and it will act as a holding place. Transform the way you light any room with the 3-In-1 Sound Reactive Multicolor Arc LED Lamp/Headphone/Stand/Charging Station.

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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 6.1 × 4.4 × 12.1 in

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