Bluetooth FM Transmitter With 3.1 Amp USB Charging Ports, USB/USB-A



  • Have Music Playback From Multiple Devices: You’ll be able to listen to music from different sources including Phones, Tablets, Laptops and much more.
  • Two USB Ports Allow For Simultaneous Device Charging: You can connect up to two compatible devices to the 3.1 Amp USB ports to be powered up at the same time with no connectivity issues for either item. One port corresponds to USB devices and the other to USB-A items.
  • Hey Siri! Play My Driving Playlist:” Connects with Google Assistant and Siri for voice control over your device.
  • Reads Micro SD and USB Audio Files: You’ll be able to playback audio and music files from Micro SD and USB sources for superior quality and sound.
  • Use Built-In Microphone For Hands-Free Calls: You’ll be able to make hands-free calls with this device and the microphone allows for a reduction of echoes during any conversations for better results.

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With the Monster Bluetooth® FM Transmitter with 3.1 Amp USB Charging Ports, you’ll be able to effortlessly stream audio to your car’s FM stereo. Linked directly to your Bluetooth device, you can transmit music from your phone, tablet, or laptop with ease. The Bass Boost enhances your audio for high-quality playback from any device. You’ll also be able to connect to Google Assistant or Siri for voice-control activation on all your files. The Built-In Microphone has echo-reduction for the ideal hands-free call. Two 3.1 Amp USB ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously with no connectivity issues. These ports consist of USB-A and USB for specific items. The transmitter also reads audio from Micro SD and USB files for optimal playback quality. All you have to do is insert a USB drive into the left slot or a Micro SD Card into the Micro SD slot for automatic playback. For the ideal way to hear your favorite songs, make hands-free calls, or even charge two compatible devices, turn to the Bluetooth FM Transmitter With 3.1 Amp USB Charging Ports.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 5 in

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