6-Outlet Power Strip



  • 6 Separate Outlets: You’ll have up to 6 outlets to power, or recharge with an adapter, compatible items whenever you need them.
  • Surge/Fireproofing Protection: The Dual Mode protection helps avoid surges, spikes, overloads or fires when your strip is in use on your connected devices.
  • 900 Joules Energy Absorption: The Power Strip absorbs up to 900 Joules of energy from your devices while they’re connected or being powered up
  • Blue LED Light Indicator: A Blue LED indicator showcases the power is flowing safely and securely to your connected items without issue.
  • 3ft Cord For Easy Coverage: Easily connects to any standard power outlet without any complicated setups, regardless of what space they’re located in.
  • Customer Protection Warranty: In the event of damage from a surge or spike, Monster insures their strip with a $100,000 customer protection warranty.

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When it comes to your items, you want a straightforward way to power them without issue. The Monster 6-Outlet Black Power Strip provides you with a convenient way to power what you need. 6 separate outlets can accommodate your devices, regardless of whatever’s connected. Our Dual Mode™ technology prevents the possibility of surges, spikes or overloads from occurring. Built-in fireproofing can also avoid ignition if a surge or overload does happen. Monster provides a $100,000 protection warranty in the event your item is damaged or destroyed, if any such incident occurs. Get powered up with the Black 6-Outlet Strip from Monster.

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Weight 6.4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1.5 × 12.6 in

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