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LED Strip Light- 6.5ft Multicolor- Remote Control


Multi-Color Means Endless Possibilities

Remote Control Creates The Perfect Ambiance

Easily Conforms To Any TV or Monitor

Powered From Any Standard 5-Volt USB Port

Just Peel, Stick and Get Started

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Monster Multi Color LED Strip Light

You are able to backlight your TV or PC monitor in a unique fashion. Featuring a variety of color choices and settings for your own personal use.

You can craft custom lights to best reflect your space and mood. These can be further modified and enhanced via your Remote Control for better color and brightness options. The 6.5ft strip easily fits any television or PC monitor, up to 65 inches, for the perfect backlighting effect. It’s easily powered from any 5-Volt Standard USB Port for easy connectivity. Easily set up your strip by removing the tape cover and the self-adhesive strip adheres to any surface. For the most unique lighting to any space, turn to the Color-Changing LED Light Strip. You can use an adapter (not included) to plug the lights into a wall outlet. Light strips cannot be linked together.

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  • Multi-Color Means Endless Possibilities: You’ll have many combinations from the color setup to create the ideal lighting and the most unique spaces.
  • Remote Control Creates The Perfect Ambiance: With more Color selectors, Color changers and Brightness options, you can further modify your lighting to create the perfect results.
  • Easily Conforms To Any TV or Monitor: Fits behind any widescreen HDTV, as wide as 65 inches, or any monitor for better lighting.
  • Powered From Any Standard 5-Volt USB Port: Connect the strip to any 5V USB Port for easy power access.
  • Just Peel, Stick and Get Started: Remove the adhesive cover on the tape, stick it to any surface or background and begin your color whirlwind.
  • Includes: 1 x 6.5ft/2m Multi-color USB LED Light Strip with preinstalled mounting adhesive, 1 x IR Remote, 1 x Quick Start Guide

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 7 in


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