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Monster Multi-Color/Multi-White LED Light Bar With Multi-Position Base, Horizontal, Vertical, Wall Mount, Customizable Settings, Remote Control, Basic Control App, 5-Volt USB Power Source

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Instantly add ambiance to any room with the Monster Adjustable, Smart LED Light Bar.

  • Multiple White and Color Shades Allow For Unique Lighting: Select from our multiple color and white options to create interesting and striking lighting that best reflects your environment or mood. The included Remote Control gives you a wide range of control over the specific settings of your lights.
  • Monster Basics Light Control App Gives You Full Control: Enable Bluetooth connectivity and download the Monster Basics Light Control App to give you absolute control over every aspect of your lights on your device at any time. App available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Works In 3 Different Positions For Setup: Place your light bar in three different positions, Horizontal, Vertical or Wall Mount to get the ideal position for your lighting.
  • Plugs Into Any 5-Volt USB Source For Instant Power: Connect to any 5-Volt USB source for power with no complicated setups or add-ons required.
  • Includes: 1 x LED Light Bar with Multi-Position Base, 1 x IR Remote, 1 x Quick Start Guide



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The Monster Multi-Color/Multi-White LED Light Bar allows you to add more color and light to any environment. A variety of color, white and dimmable light effects allow you to craft custom lighting that best reflects your space or mood. Our bar can be positioned in three different manners, Horizontal, Vertical or Wall-Mounted for the ideal spot. The included remote control allows you to select the ideal palette and customize your look. Download the Monster Basics Light Control App from the App Store and Google Play, enable Bluetooth® connectivity and fully control every single facet of your light bar. It also plugs into any 5-Volt USB Power Source for instant charging when needed. Add a stylish light with the Multi-Color/Multi-White LED Light Bar and redefine how your space looks forever.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 3.2 oz
Packaging Dimensions 2.5 × 5 × 11 in



Bluetooth Multi-Color Light Bar Manual - MLB7-1030-BLK English

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