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MLB7-1074 Arc media imageMLB7-1074 Arc - with hpMLB7-1074 Arc - bedroom multiMLB7-1074MLB7-1074 ArcMLB7-1074 Arc sales image
MLB7-1074 Arc media image
MLB7-1074 Arc - with hp
MLB7-1074 Arc - bedroom multi
MLB7-1074 Arc
MLB7-1074 Arc sales image

Smart Wifi Arc+ 3 in 1 Sound Reactive LED Light Lamp,


  • 720p HD Quality Presentations: Have a sharp and clear image that better showcases yourself and the space around in pure HD quality.
  • Perfect For Many Scenarios: Use it for conference calls, Weekly business meetings, Streaming video games, Vlogs and Social Media posting.
  • Superior Audio Playback To Avoid Issues: Our built-in microphone allows for stronger audio playback with digital noise reduction to avoid complicated situations.
  • Fixed Focus and Automatic Light Correction For Better Looks: The 80-degree wide angle HD lends prevents distortions and features automatic light correction.
  • Flexible Tripod With A 120-Degree Angle Adjustment: Our adjustable tripod with secure mounting allows you to use your webcam separately from your computer monitor. Use the included USB cable to connect with a laptop; Webcam must be connected at all times.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: Use the USB plug and connect it to your computer and use the monitor clip to secure to your desktop without any complicated parts or installation software needed.

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With the need to look your best in conference calls and during complicated weekly meetings, the right webcam is essential. The Monster Insight HD Webcam can provide you with the ideal look on such occasions. At 1280x720p HD, you’ll have a sharp clear image to showcase yourself and your space. The built-in microphone allows you to have better audio playback with digital noise reduction. You’ll have a fixed focus of 80 degrees to avoid distortions, alongside automatic light correction. The privacy cover allows you to block out the camera when it’s not being used. We’ve also included a flexible tripod with a 120-degree angle adjustment, that you can use with the webcam, connect to a laptop via our included USB cable. Your installation’s a breeze, just connect the USB plug to your computer and use the clip to attach it to your monitor. Get clear images and superb audio with the Insight HD Webcam.

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