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Smart Wifi 6.5 ft Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Color LED Light Strip


  • Multi-zone lighting creates a flowing color effect
  • Customize your designs with endless possibilities
  • Works Right Out of the Box with Simple Remote Control
  • Show multiple colors at once
  • Use the IR remote control to customize your choice of 3 solid colors and 8 color changing modes
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Transform any given space with the Monster RGB Color-Flow Neon-LED Strip into a brilliant display of colors. Built with stronger materials than most LED strips, you’ll be able to bend and shape it into more unique and favorable shapes that conform to your exact needs. This also prevents them from being easily cracked or broken from frequent overuse. You’ll have fully customizable color, lighting and brightness settings that allow you to create the most unique and striking visual displays possible. The remote control offers more customizable settings, while also working best in large spaces, with a signal that reaches up to 26 feet away. With its Easy setup and multiple options, the Neon-LED Strip can transform your space into something truly beautiful.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 7.2 oz
Packaging Dimensions 3.54 × 7.5 × 9 in

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