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6.5ft USB-Powered Blacklight LED Strip



  • Stunning LED Color Lighting: The ultra-violet blacklight LED strip reflects off your existing space to create unique and striking color results that can make it look the best.
  • USB-Powered: Connect the strip to a USB port on a nearby device, or to a wall adapter, to get power into your device.
  • Transform Any Space: Use it at parties, fish tanks, home offices, with neon paint or other unique accessories to recreate how your area appears at night.
  • Easy-To-Use: Instead of remotes or complicated apps, just press a button and your lights activate without issue.
  • Peel and Stick Installation: Our item easily fits in any space you want. Just remove the cover off the back and the adhesive sticks to your surface for a quick installation.

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How any space looks can often depend on how well you light it. The Monster 6.5ft USB-Powered Blacklight LED Strip allows you to transform your existing area with the push of a button. An ultra-violet Blacklight reflects off items, surfaces and even colors in your space to create striking and unique combinations. Use it with your fish tank, neon paint, and other devices to craft stunning results instantly. Our strip is USB-Powered, just connect to a compatible port on a nearby device, or with a wall adapter, to get it ready for use. Transform your space into a colorful experience with the 6.5ft USB-Powered Blacklight LED Strip from Monster.

Product Specifications

Weight .7 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 7 in

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